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BankBosun Rank Improving

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Project Detail

When BankBosun approached us, the organic traffic to their site was quite low which they were not ready to deal with any longer. The site was perfect in all parameters, whether it was Alt tags, Meta description or Title Tags. However, the major issue that business faced was that they were not aware about which keywords are relevant, which ones are relevant and which should be promoted.

Clearly the website lacked a proper and well formulated keyword based SEO promotion strategy which had accounted for low organic traffic to the site over the years.

Project Date4 July 2016

Boosting Tool

At Radius Inbound, we were sure that BankBosun needed a well formulated keyword strategy and which is why we took help of Google Keyword tool to find most popular keywords related to their business. Subsequently, we prepared a list of 80-100 popular keywords relevant to their business upon which we were set to perform SEO.

Additionally, we took keyword ideas from high ranking pages of their competitors, to determine the specific keywords they are benefiting from. We targeted that keyword for BankBosun and made sure to prepare content, blogs and articles on such keywords to enhance the visibility on competitive searches.

Bank Bosun Portfolio

We are a team of experts

Having worked on relevant and competitive keywords, our experts focused on Social Media Optimization for BankBosun. We created profiles of the company on various social network sites where they were not present before and also ensured that user interaction is increased on platforms where they had slightly unpopular presence before.

Owing to increased visibility of the site on certain keywords, visits to the site increased considerably making it more popular from before. User retention reduced bounce rate and it led to generation of more enquiries for the business as well.

Website Traffic

Impressive Results

After months of continuous SEO promotion activities, the results that we got to witness were impressive. BankBosun was ranking significantly higher on SERP in respect to majority of the keywords that had no result for the site a few months back.