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Marketania SEO Campaign

Service by Radius Inbound

Marketania faced tremendous challenges in respect to keyword based content development for the site as well as for off-page SEO activities. How to organize their content and SEO endeavors to create maximum impact and procure new visitors to the site was something that Marketania was inspiring to achieve.


Project Detail

The business website was ranked on fairly lower number of keywords and significant number of users did not find their website compatible to the service they were dealing with. User engagement was low which prompted quick bounce rates resulting in low popularity of the site.
To tackle major SEO issue and enhance the performance of the site, Marketania put their trust on us. They wanted genuine search results and were looking for their business website to be ranked on the top of search engine page.

They wanted organic and relevant search results and were looking for their business website to be ranked on the top of search engine page.

Project Date12 Dec 2016

Boosting Tool

SERP visibility – We at Radius Inbound let you know whether a Keyword has any natural outcome over the perceived search on not. We decided to enhance the SERP visibility of Marketania and for that we build a long list of, phrase keywords, long trail keywords and focus keywords. Each keyword was promoted through blogs and articles and we also went with activities such as forum posting, blog commenting and creating company profiles on various profile submission sites to enhance the Search Engine Result Page for Marketania.

Focused research – After working on the SERP visibility, we did competitive analysis of the related keywords, by analyzing the theme of the content, as well as of URLs that ranked high on SERPs. This led us create more specific SEO strategy for website, making it easier to rank it on SERP in a quick time.

Implementation – Once keyword research was done, we created new page for including new content on the site that was in sync with business specific keywords. Each page was put up with relevant information to engage users and alleviate bounce rate.

Website Traffic

Impressive Results

In only few months, the outcomes demonstrated the accomplishment of the approach that we followed. The keywords that were implemented on site and in content expanded site visits by 61%, with normal bounce rate-by-page decreased by 73%. Visitor engagement on the website increased significantly and the SERP visibility of the Marketania also witnessed a sharp spike.

Bigblast SEO

61% Organic Visits

seo optimization

23% Bounce Rate

Monitoring Rankings

123% ROI