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SEO Service by Radius Inbound

SEO is critical to a site’s success about which TheWeddingCardsOnline were not aware until they had approached Radius Inbound. While the website of the company was quite impressive when they approached us, they lacked a proper strategy to promote their business online through SEO.

Project Detail

An impressive site with good images and content, still the site was not able to rank on Google against specific searches. On further investigation, our experts found that the TheWeddingCardsOnline website had issues related to low text to HTML ratio and missing H1 tags and Alt tags which hampered the viability of the site considerably.

Apart from such issues, incorrect language declaration and 302 redirects instead of 301 made it quite difficult to crawl by Google Search Bots.

Project Date4 July 2012

Boosting Tool

Since we wanted to evaluate the effectiveness website of TheWeddingCardsOnline comprehensively, we analyzed the site thoroughly to find out each and every on-site SEO issue. Once our experts were through proper evaluation, they rectified minor mistakes related to H1 tags, text to HTML ratio as well as issues related with redirects.

Having rectified the site completely in respect to its on-page SEO, experts of SEO at Radius Inbound developed an off-page SEO strategy for TheWeddingCardsOnline to enhance its online presence through organic means. Subsequently, we posted keyword rich blogs and article on different platforms to attract backlinks for the website.

Having worked with on-page and off-page for TheWeddingCardsOnline continuously for six months, the results were impressive. The search ranking of the site improved considerably and now it was more visible in respect to majority of the keywords.