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True Cabinet

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True Cabinet is a cabinetry showroom located in Hickory, NC. True Cabinet offers cabinets to fit all budget from ready to assemble to custom cabinetry. The showroom offers a wide selection of cabinetry options so you can see and feel the difference in quality and coloring.


Project Detail

True Cabinet was not quite sure about the search viability of their website on search engines before getting in touch with Radius Inbound. The website had quite a few technical glitches, the content part was scattered and elements like Meta tags, sitemap link, plug-ins and call to actions tabs were absent. The search ranking of the website against popular keywords of the business was also quite low, basically on 3rd and 4th page of Google Search Results.

The procedure involved exploring every possibility to make it count for our client. This included the improvement of the code and content of the entire site, in addition to enabling better general site ease of use

Project Date10 Sept 2016

Boosting Tool

Powerful keywords to put the site on the search result were considered. We at Radius Inbound comprehended this, which made it simpler to plan different parts of the SEO procedure.

Enhancing the diverse site content to meet the necessities of effective search engine optimization was the most crucial aspect. They considered the fact that the information must be one of a kind and of high quality which made it easier for us to implement changes to the site content to make it more favorable for search engine bots.
After the successful implementation of the new SEO methodologies, there was an increase in the quantity of guests every day which enhances the reach of the brand considerably. Various Off-page techniques that we employed assisted True Cabinet to be ranked higher on SERP which led to increase in the number of visitors to the site on daily basis.

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