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The Top SEO Trends To Watch Out for in 2019

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most crucial things in the field of digital marketing and website maintenance. The rules of SEO are evolving forever, and with every passing year, there are new trends that come into the market. If you don’t keep track of them, then your website is definitely not going to be the topmost one in the search results. So what are some of the most recent SEO trends that are taking the market by a storm? Take a look.

Careful Structuring Will Be Needed For The Rich Snippet

Are you not aware of what snippet means? Well, the snippet is basically the results that are shown in the search engine when someone enters a query. However, the rich snippets are going to show a lot more than just the title of it. It can also show a picture in the search results page. They can also have a rating or other small information that will help the users to choose which webpage to open. Rich snippets work like wonders. Even if your ranking is not all that good, the rich snippets will; ensure that people will actually click on your website after looking at the attractive snippet. So if you still have not thought about including it in your SEO strategy, it’s about time that you should.

Page Speed Is Going To Influence The Rankings Heavily

How often do you wait for a slow website to load? Do you not change to other websites immediately? Well, Google says that the speed of your webpage plays a crucial role in determining the ranking of your site, slow loading pages have an increased bounce rate or the time on the page is slower. So if you want to bring up your rank really then you need to improve the loading time. 2019 is the year when high-speed pages boost themselves up. For that, you will have to optimize the code on which your site is built. Reduce the number of redirects on the pages. Also decrease the size of the images before you choose to upload them and limit the no. of plugins, your site has.

The Page Relevance Is Going To Be Really Big

As a ranking factor page relevance is going to stay forever, even in 2019 as well. Search engines always want the users to get the absolute best results so they will only show the results which are relevant to the searches the users have made. For this reason, your SEO strategy should be to publish more long contents that will have more words so that the keywords are there. It is also better if you choose to cover the topic in details on your site. Also be sure to play with the synonyms of the keyword that you have chosen. This way, your page will always be shown up when someone searches for something similar to the kind of articles you have on your site. For this reason, it is essential to write articles as close to the topic as possible.

Voice Search Is Going To Be A Real Thing In 2019

Voice search needs mobile devices, and by 2019 a lot more people are expected to be owners of smartphones. As a reason, there will be an abundance of voice searches. Why? Of course, because it’s far easier to talk and ask Google for whatever they want rather than wasting time and energy to type the entire thing out. For a better rank in the year of 2019, you will have to optimize your website for the voice search so that it pops up whenever someone asks for something similar. There is an easy way to do these. Integrate a lot of common questions that people might ask related to your products or services. Since most of the searches done by voice are based on questions, your website will definitely pop up by this method. Also, make sure that you have local SEO done. Locations specific searches are also common for the people doing a voice search.

There Are Going To Be Linkless Backlinks

Does it sound like an oxymoron to you? Yes, but link less backlinks are very real and are becoming one of the major ranking factors for the sites in 2019. The link less backlink means that the other web users are simply going to mention the name of your brand or site on other places. The search engines are going to use these mentions and later implement them as the trust signals. They have similar working mechanisms as with the real links so they are called backlinks. However, you have to bear in mind that not all the mentions you get on the internet are going to b positive. What it means is that you will have to protect your brands’ reputation and save it from being tarnished by the competitors. If any kind of negative comments are present on the internet, you will have to use some preventive measures to take them down.


So these are 5 SEO trends that are going to be big in 2019. Some of them are already major factors while others are slowly grabbing the attention and being the major influencing factors of the performance of your website. If your website is not performing well, then it could be for one of these reasons. Make sure you point out what it is so that you can optimize your SEO and build your strategy around these to achieve far better results in the future. The trends are ever evolving, and these will change too.

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