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Top Ways to Generate More Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and Black Friday comprise the biggest online selling days of the year. And, 2018 was no exception as it totaled out to be USD 24.2 billion in just 5 days.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

2019 is going to be larger with them gaining fame with more businesses and customers globally. Retailers, whether big or small strive their hardest to get something from this buy pie. With so much competition, you should definitely make efforts to increase your sales on this Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. 

Here are top ways which can help you generate more sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  • Create Hype

Just like any other season sale, Black Friday and Cyber Monday enjoy success because the participants use robust psychological triggers like scarcity and urgency to raise their sales.

One way to enhance the effect of scarcity and urgency is to create anticipation for your products before the weekend. You can create videos, draft content to enhance the curiosity levels for your products, hide the details of your product until the day the sale begins, etc.

Creating hype helps make a great start for Black Friday. If you have created an appealing and interesting campaign, then word of mouth referrals will certainly make it more viral and popular.

  • Focus on Pre-Orders

If you have the details of prospective clients or previous customers, then a smart way to boost your sales before the weekend even starts is to opt for a pre-order strategy. 

A pre-order is when you list a product on your store which hasn’t been produced yet but will be launched till Black Friday or Cyber Monday. With pre-order, the customer can make partial or full payment and book the product, before its availability. 

A good pre-order strategy will create buzz for your products and generate momentum and demand for your product. It will also give you early funds for production.

  • Mobile Optimization

Major orders for Cyber Weekend come from mobile devices. More and more people are opting to shop on the go. Thus, make sure your eCommerce website isn’t just optimized to handle whopping orders but also for browsing on mobile devices. 

  • Craft a Discount Strategy

One should promote all their Black Friday deals with a strategy discount plan. It encourages more and more buyers to collectively come to your store. You can bundle groups several products at a lower rate than they were when bought singularly.

You can also offer free gifts when people purchase products over a specific price or a heavy discount if the cart value surpasses a particular amount. Another strategy could be to motivate people to return to your store is to provide a discount rate on the second purchase they make before the end of the sale.

  • Use PPC and Shopping Feeds

If you haven’t used PPC or Shopping Feeds till now, consider using them! These advertising techniques prove to be a game-changer and help you get higher visibility and larger traffic volumes. Paid advertisements are easy to set up and they generate quick traffic.

  • A/B Marketing Campaigns

Your online store is the biggest source of info to know the behavior of the buyer. The more data you have, the higher the iteration frequency you can make to your store. This eventually helps in enhancing your sales, not just for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but for the whole year.

Check out the different interactions of banners, paid advertising, landing pages, marketing emails, etc. The data will help you with the optimization of your store for the upcoming sale.

  • Keep SEO in Mind

Make sure that your store or eCommerce site is updated with SEO regulations. SEO is necessary because it enhances your page ranking and visibility on the search engine. Some of the things to keep a check on your site are: title tags, URL, met description headings, etc. Also, make your page keyword savvy. Remember SEO is an ongoing procedure. So, focus on it every time. 

  • Have Landing Pages for Brands

Actually, you should run deals on almost everything you are offering, but it is important to run deals on branded items and categories. This helps you to get your shoppers to shop for branded items on which they rely a lot.

A landing page of branded products makes it simple for shoppers to check out their shopping list conveniently which leads to bulk purchases from one store. The traffic of the home page can be diverted to the product-oriented landing pages through a popup.

  • Personalize Cross-Sells

With the help of the data which you have collected to track your buyers, make wise suggestions to them. Before the beginning of the Black Friday, run surveys to find out the most popular product of your store and the combinations which are most frequently searched by the buyers.

Then find out the right marketing strategy to market your popular products to enhance your sales. And, when your customer chooses that specific item during the sale, the site will automatically make a relevant recommendation to them.

  • Test Front End as well as Back End

Once you are done with all the steps, make sure you pay a visit to your website as a shopper and find out if everything is working well or not, till the checkout page. The last thing you want to happen at the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale is the malfunctioning of your site.

With these tips, hopefully, you can easily enhance your sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They will help you with bonus sales without spending much on promotions and advertising. So, follow them and set up a good store and marketing strategy to attract more and more visitors to your store and boost up your sales.

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